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Back in 2014, Efe Jerome- the Founder of the ShoutOut Network wanted to create a space for young people from rough backgrounds to tell their stories. He wanted the SON to feel safe, honest and raw. He shared his vision with Imriel who was working in Marketing at a startup. 


Efe was trying for months to convince Imriel to listen to a podcast; she stumbled upon the holy grail of podcasts, Serial. After the emotional rollercoaster of Adnan Syed's story, Imriel finally understood the true power of audio. In 2015, the ShoutOut Network produced and launched its first podcast. By 2016 the network was producing 6 podcasts. One show won two awards and another being named iTunes Best of 2016.


In 2017, the duo dared greatly and put on the world's first podcast festival celebrating the diversity in podcasts. The event attracted over 800 people and featured podcast heavyweights. The Brilliant Idiots, Another Round and The Friend Zone. Following the festival, SON made some exciting changes to its programming and launched the 'Next Generation of Voices' where they deliver high-quality production services for ambitious podcasters that want to take their voices to the next level. 

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